Pregnant After Miscarriage and Weight Loss Journey

“My husband and I started trying for a baby in January of 2016. I don’t think anyone ever walks into that decision thinking it’s going to be hard, and we were no different. After a few months of trying to conceive with no luck, I started reading how being overweight could affect pregnancy (I was naive and didn’t realize and was INCREDIBLY overweight). I started getting myself healthy to conceive at that point, and between March of 2016 and July of 2017, I lost 75 lbs, which I believe helped us on our journey 100%.

In March of 2017, after 14 months of trying, I woke up in the middle of the night one night, and miscarried a baby I didn’t know I was pregnant with. My cycles were all over the place, and I never suspected I was pregnant, but after blood tests, doctors confirmed I was about 6 weeks pregnant. The days that followed were even more painful than the days before, because I had finally gotten pregnant, only to miscarry. It seemed so unfair. My husband and I had been through all the preliminary testing and everything was “fine”, which just made it all the more frustrating! As a last effort, my doc decided to try 3 rounds of clomid to help me ovulate. At the end of round two, I saw her for an ultrasound to see how my body was holding up under the medicated cycles. She told me my body was responding well, but this “wasn’t my cycle” (I wasn’t pregnant) and discussed next steps and fertility doctor referrals. I went home discouraged and angry with God, but my mustard seed of faith was able to pray “She doesn’t get the last say, Lord.” 4 days later, I got a positive pregnancy test!

I am now 25 weeks pregnant with my miracle baby girl! Due April 2! God gets the final say. EVERY. TIME. Your situation can change in an instant!

I relied on Moms in the Making daily for support through my TTC journey, as well as my miscarriage. When I miscarried I received cards from others in the group, and encouragement from my various prayer partners. There are now 8 other ladies who are due around the same time I am! 🙌🏼

Amanda Woods

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