Pregnant After Miscarriage and Failed IVF Treatments

In June 2016 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. In November 2017 we started trying to get pregnant but 2 months later I was back at the hospital with a lot of pain. I had another surgery and the doctor recommended that we induce menopause for 3 months and after that do an IVF cycle. We agreed and prayed to God that it would work. This cycle didn’t work. We decided to save some money and try again in February 2019. Again, the IVF didn’t bring a baby and we were devastated, not only because I wasn’t pregnant yet but because the doctor told us my ovaries were of very low quality since the damage caused by endometriosis was very significant.

I told my husband that I didn’t want to go through that process again, it was too painful and all of our energy and money was going there. He didn’t agree. I prayed to God for our miracle baby, without having to do any treatment. A month later I got a positive pregnancy test but just 2 days later my period came. It was really hard but that gave us hope that it was possible! My husband finally agreed to put our trust in God and wait. Two months later I was pregnant again, but I had an miscarriage on my seventh week of pregnancy.

After that we found another doctor, he did some new analysis and sent us to do a special diet to prepare our bodies for pregnancy. Two months later we got our positive pregnancy test! Now we understand the purpose of the path we went through, we thank God because we learned how to put Him first and we love each other more than ever. I am 16 weeks pregnant and we’re having a baby boy ❤️ I can’t wait to meet our miracle baby boy. Thank you for sharing all of the testimonies on Tuesdays, they gave me strength and faith. Thank you!

Ana Luisa – Mexico

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