Pregnant After Embryo Transfer_Allison Payne

Pregnant After Embryo Transfer

“I received my “Yes” after 3.5 years of trying to conceive. I received my “Yes” after losing a baby and gaining an angel. I received my “Yes” after multiple failed and cancelled IUI and IVF cycles. I received my “Yes” after acknowledging I couldn’t do this on my own and that I needed God to take control. I received my “Yes” after accepting that the “Me” living a fun and adventurous life with my husband would get me farther than the “Me” that was afraid of missing out on a month that could possibly be “the month”. I received my “Yes” when science and history said that I always have a 34 day cycle that would make it impossible to transfer an embryo in July. I received my “Yes” when God stepped in and gave me a 28 day cycle that made His timing line up so perfectly that we transferred our embryo the same morning I had to leave for a conference in July. I received my “Yes” when the nurse took my blood and prayed over me and then later called me to tell me that YES, I was pregnant! Though my son is not due until April, he is the product of faith that sometimes didn’t make sense, a strong will that would never give up and more than anything, God’s perfect timing! Keep pressing forward, you will get your miracle when you least expect it!”

Allison Payne – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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