Pregnant After 2nd IUI

“After three months of Lupron, my doctor felt confident my body was ready to conceive. I tracked ovulation for several months, but I was still not ovulating; therefore, we started medicated cycles.
Caroline’s September 2016 blog post titled “Praying Bold Prayers” encouraged me and my husband to pray more intentionally for our future children by name. We prayed for a son, Walter James, every night.
We were eventually referred to an RE. He adjusted the medications, but we never received a positive pregnancy test. We began discussing IUI.
Our first IUI was negative and my heart could not endure anymore pain associated with TTC. I entered such a dark place, and found myself questioning my faith. We had already started our second medicated IUI, but decided this would be our last time because I needed to work on my emotional healing. I began seeing a Christ-centered counselor, and threw myself into training for a triathlon.
Much to our surprise, on Easter 2017, we found out our second IUI had been successful. Our sweet baby was due on Christmas Day! I crossed the finish line of my triathlon at 10 weeks. At 20 weeks, we found out we were having a boy – the boy we prayed so intentionally for. Walter James was born on December 20, 2017. I see the Lord’s grace and mercy every day in his bright blue eyes.”

Sarah Ann Kowalczyk

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