Pregnant After 17 Years of Trying to Conceive

father and mother with daughter

We got married in November 1991 and decided to wait a couple of years to have children. It was not until I got married that I started visiting the OB-GYN and was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. My first surgery was in 1993 in hopes of achieving pregnancy. Two years passed, the endometriosis came back and then I had another surgery. The same thing happened and I had a third surgery in 1998. This time the doctor recommended to us to do an IUI to get pregnant, since the possibility of it happening naturally was very low. In 1998 we achieved our first pregnancy. Unfortunately we miscarried. It was a very difficult situation to overcome, so many years waiting for it to end this way.

For some time, we decided to put the treatments aside. Almost a decade later we decided to give ourselves a second chance but went with a more invasive treatment. We started IVF and only got 2 embryos, the possibilities were few but we walked in faith and in the promises of God. In 2007 we achieved our second pregnancy, but it resulted in an ectopic. My life was at risk, so the pregnancy ended. We had our last chance, I was already 39 years old and very tired after so many years of diagnoses, surgeries, treatments.. but we did it trusting the Lord and His plans. I got pregnant for the third time in late 2007 and in May 2008 our beautiful miracle, Vanessa, was born.

In spite of the journey we traveled, we saw the faithfulness of God in our lives and we have seen it to this day. During that time the Lord provided us with our finances, with peace, patience, joy … to this day He has taken care of our family and has kept us. We are a family of three, a miracle that represents the faithfulness of God.

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