Pregnancy Through IVF After Insurance Coverage

Pregnancy Through IVF After Insurance Coverage

“In 3.5 years God guided me to tune out my own thoughts and listen to Him and what His plan was. During our journey I heard about a company in my field that provided coverage for fertility treatment. My husband and I had suffered a loss and tried everything we could to get pregnant on our own again. Right when we were at a crossroads on what to do I was offered a job at the company that covered fertility treatment. We took that as a sign that we should pursue IVF. We finally got pregnant after a few setbacks and a failed IVF cycle. Our miracle happened almost one year ago when timing worked perfectly and we transferred an embryo right before I went out of town. We welcomed that miracle into the world in April! There is no doubt that this was Gods plan for us and everything we went through made us so much stronger!”

Allison Payne – Pennsylvania

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