Pregnancy Through IUI

Pregnancy Through IUI

After 4 miscarriages, we were lead to a specialist for more answers. During the year of seeking help, we still weren’t pregnant. I purchased In Due Time Devotional, and even started a bible study with ladies that were struggling in their own way. The week that we were set to start, we learned our 2nd IUI worked! I was so worried about telling the group since the reason I started was to understand our season of waiting and what the Lord had planned for each and every one of us. I shared with the girls and they were all so happy and now am happy to report 4 of the 7 of us are pregnant! We stayed faithful, even when we felt God was being silent. My rainbow is due in August and I am so grateful In Due Time devotional came into my life when it did. I was aching, needing more of our Lord to guide me to get through this time and he did! I give him all the glory!

Ashley Carpenter

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