Pregnancy After IUI

My husband and I were married April 12,2014. We decided to try to start our family in the fall of 2014. We did medicated cycles with my OB, and eventually met with a RE after no success. All testing and lab work looked fine so we don’t know why we couldn’t get pregnant. We did our first IUI December 28, 2016. My heart hurt so much watching friends and family get pregnant and attending their baby showers. I was angry and frustrated and didn’t understand why we were going through this trial, but was so thankful for the support Moms in the Making provided as well as was so thankful for my prayer partner. Having someone to talk to that was in a similar situation helped me know I wasn’t alone.
Just 2 weeks after our IUI, on January 11, 2017 we had a positive pregnancy test. We were so shocked and so excited that the Lord had answered our prayers. September 13, 2017 our sweet baby boy Samuel Matthew was born. Samuel means “asked of God” and Matthew means “gift of God” (this was also the name of my youngest brother who died at age 18 in a car accident).
Today I appreciate our struggle and how the Lord had the perfect timing. We can see how God was working to help us trust and believe that he works everything for our good. We are thankful every day for our sweet boy. “When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen…” Isaiah 60:22

Aimee Reagan

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