Our Surrogate is Pregnant With Our Baby

God promised me a child since the beginning of our journey. However, there has been over a decade worth of trials, including a cancer diagnosis I received last summer. Through it all we have prayed that the last of our struggles are just the beginning of a beautiful, miraculous nine months!

The cancer gave us the courage to move forward with surrogacy, as I had been robbed of any possibility of ever carrying on my own. There was a time when we saw this journey as an impossibility, primarily because of cost. But, God! After much consideration, discussion and prayer, we decided to move forward and trust God to make a way.

We realized our dream might not happen without help or financing, but the fact that we have been good stewards of our finances throughout our marriage helped us in making this dream a reality. Not only did God pave the way financially, but He dropped from the heavens the most perfect gestational carrier for us! Within days of deciding to go this route, I was contacted by my cousin, and after discussing with her husband, she offered to be our surrogate! What should have been a process of six months or longer, was completed in less than three, and now we are excited to share that our surrogate is pregnant!

Following Moms in the Making and reading In Due Time Blog has been a Godsend in this journey. In October, I was able to attend the conference, and the faith and inspiration that was exhibited has helped immensely. As I have learned from Caroline, I am now joyously taking steps of faith in our wait for our miracle baby. I no longer speak grey words. Through her teachings, I have learned to either speak life or death. I choose to speak life in to the existence of our baby and am believing in full faith he or she will be in my arms September of this year! God is good!

Belinda – Austin, Texas

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