Our Miracle Came When We Put Our Trust in God

My husband and I got married in December of 2015 in our mid to late 30s. We decided to start trying after 6 months or marriage. After several months of negative pregnancy tests, I contacted my obgyn for help. She put me on Clomid for several months but there was still no baby, so we went to see a fertility specialist.

After lots of tests and procedures I still wasn’t pregnant. At that point we had my husband tested and found out we had male factor infertility. He started taking Clomid to help, but again we were not getting pregnant on our own. We decided to try IUI in May 2018 but it didn’t work. We took a break from actively trying for a couple months for an emotional and mental break. Our fertility specialist basically told us the only chance we had to get pregnant was IVF. We just didn’t feel at peace about that and I felt like God told me to trust Him, He would do it.

We started taking all kinds of supplements I had read about to help boost fertility. Around this time (Summer 2018) I found Moms in the Making. It was such an encouragement to me and helped me find some of the hope I had lost through this process. I decided to attend the Conference in Oct 2018. It was so good and just what my heart needed. God gave me a specific verse (while at the conference) to start praying over my husband. So I did. I also heard Him ask me if I really trusted Him alone with all the supplements we were taking. I realized I had put my hope in the supplements instead of God. So after that weekend my husband and I weaned off the supplements and kept trying on our own.

On February 1, 2019 I got my first ever positive pregnancy test!! God did it, just like He said He would! Our beautiful baby girl is now 15 months old!

Tracy Ramon

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