Our Blessing Came Through Our 2nd Round of IVF

In 2016 my husband Jono and I started trying for a baby. In 2017, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I then tried medicated cycles with clomid for months, every month became increasingly harder with more negative tests.

I found Moms in the Making and was matched with a prayer partner who became such a beautiful support and encouragement in my faith. I found that being connected to Moms in the Making and my prayer partner helped me to not feel alone, to know that others were going through something similar.

After two years of treatment, we decided prayerfully to proceed with IVF and God blessed us financially with the money to do so. Our first round ended in heartbreak, we had a miscarriage losing Zion. At this point my faith was truly shaken, I was so heartbroken and unsure if I could continue believing; yet God was with me through the grief and I found encouragement through His Word and women in the Bible. After we took some time to heal, we did a second round of IVF in 2019, which resulted in our biggest blessing. Three years after deciding we were ready for a baby we were gifted with Micah our gorgeous rainbow baby who arrived at the end of December.

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