Our 3 Miracle Babies Beat The Infertility Statistics

In January 2018, we started trying to grow our family. By October, we had been through multiple medicated cycles. We did our first IUI in September and were elated when we found out we were pregnant with our first baby! The joy was unfortunately short lived. Our fears were confirmed only a couple weeks later that our baby had gone to be with Jesus. The following months were some of our darkest days.

During the process of three more failed IUIs, we found out that we had great coverage for IVF under my job at the time. Financially, God provided a door we didn’t think would open. We began the process of IVF in the spring of 2019 and got three quality embryos. We prayed all along that God would give us exactly what we needed to complete our family. We were a bit disappointed because statistics told us that three embryos would not become three healthy babies.

Following many months of setbacks to get the right protocol to transfer, on September 18, 2019, almost exactly one year to the day we found out we lost baby Finn, we transferred two beautiful embryos. I attended my first Moms in the Making conference in October shortly after finding out our transfer had worked! We did not know if both embryos had stuck at the time, but God knew. My prayer partner and her sister-in-law both were convinced that they both stuck, so much that they gave me an extra MITM onesie so both babies would have one.

At our ultrasound a few days after conference, we saw two beautiful babies with heartbeats. The pregnancy was anxiety ridden with bleeding scares and a global pandemic, but we welcomed our twin girls, Ellie and Sophie in May 2020!

We knew that we could not leave our third embryo behind and transferred it in December 2021, right before I switched jobs and would lose those wonderful IVF benefits. We were cautiously optimistic knowing the statistics weren’t in our favor.. but God doesn’t care about statistics. We welcomed Piper in August 2022! We are now enjoying watching our three beautiful girls grow up just as God had planned all along. If statistics are telling you no, God will find a way!

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