One Miracle Through Adoption and One Through Natural Pregnancy

I had it all planned out in college: Get married, have 1-2 biological kids, then adopt 1-2 kids. But God had a different plan that was much harder and far better. My husband and I struggled trying to conceive, as I had to undergo surgery for endometriosis. Then came several rounds of unsuccessful IUIs. During that time we began pursuing adoption as well. I desperately wanted to become a mother, and though I didn’t doubt God’s existence or goodness, I questioned His goodness to me planting this intense desire in my heart while not enabling me to fulfill it. It seemed cruel. Despite my distrust, God kindled my hope and prompted me to encourage others by starting an infertility support group.
My husband and I eventually agreed to undergo IVF in November 2010. It was a complete failure. Nothing fertilized. After a rough holiday season, we submitted our profile for consideration to a birthmother who delivered a baby boy the first week of January 2011. The next day we got the call. She chose us! We became parents overnight, and picked up our son, Calvin, from the hospital. And God wasn’t done shocking us. Less than a year and a half later, we found out we were pregnant. We had our second son, Linus, in February 2013.
I love to tell our family story because it demonstrates God’s faithfulness in the face of my doubt. He gave me so much more than I could’ve expected going through this heartache by providing my two sons and countless sisters who share these experiences. He birthed a passion in me for comforting others through the comfort of His Son. I continue to lead a local support group, and plan to eventually write a book testifying to the way He breathes living hope into barren hearts. “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” ~1 Thessalonians 5:24
I’m grateful for this important ministry, and sure wish it had been available 10 years ago. Keep up this Kingdom work! You are nurturing hope in this beautiful community of mamas in waiting.

Jenn Hesse

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