Naturally Pregnant Right Before Embryo Transfer

My husband and I have been married 9 years. Before treatments, we had 2 miscarriages. We did 3 rounds of Femara & 3 IUIs with no baby. Then we decided to pursue IVF, but we only got 1 embryo. I got pregnant; however, I had another loss. This time it hit me hard, my heart was broken and my hopes of having a family were looking further away. I was 39 so the doctor kept saying your chances are low. But I continued to believe that God would have the last word.

I had faith, but I needed to heal. I was sad inside, feeling shame and embarrassed. I prayed for a support group. I didn’t want to feel alone anymore. In January 2021, I found Moms in the Making online. I was blessed to be placed in the Spanish speaking virtual group! From the very first session I felt the Holy Spirit saying you are not alone. All the ladies introduced themselves and shared their stories. I could identify myself with each one of them.

Each study God would heal different areas of my heart. I knew that I had to go through all my pain to find MITM. God made me whole. I was able to share my story with no pain, I did not feel less than anymore. God works with a purpose, so I decided to become a leader to help other women. I know the heart of God is in this ministry that focuses on Jesus and not on having a baby.

I continued the IVF route. I changed my diet and adjusted my lifestyle. I will be honest I became obsessed with the regimen to do everything to get more eggs. Yet on each egg retrieval I got the same outcome of only one embryo. I was frustrated, disappointed, and realized that I was trying to control something that only God could do. I truly surrendered and felt conviction in my spirit that there was nothing that I can humanly do. God is sovereign and the only creator of life. I had faith that God will do the miracle with the 2 embryos that we had. I kept waiting for my period to arrive to do the transfer. But God had other plans. My period never came because I got NATURALLY pregnant. I give Him all the glory. He did it in His perfect time. It was worth every tear to experience His LOVE. Our miracle baby was born on March 25th, 2022.

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