Naturally Pregnant at 39 After Failed Mini IVF Treatment

“After suffering from an unexplained miscarriage in November 2016 at 9 weeks, we tried to conceive for another 6 months to no avail. We were told by our new fertility dr that my ovaries were much older and than I was and I had one tube closed or very narrow at the least. Also my age of 38 wasn’t helping matters. His recommendation was to jump straight to IVF for our best chances. We proceeded to go through 2 mini IVF treatments to recruit quality embryos. We were about to go through our third and final mini IVF treatment and my follicles were not cooperating. One was large and 2 were small so my dr decided we should wait until the following month and try again.
I cannot tell you how frustrated we were. We had already taken the month before off to relax and take a trip to Hawaii after our second cycle! Lord why would you let this happen?! Another month, another wasted month, another month waiting and waiting. So we waited for my cycle to begin in November. I can’t tell how anxious I was to start my period. The sooner I started the sooner we could complete the last cycle and the sooner we could implant in January
This was MY plan. But it never came. I had a positive pregnancy test the morning of November 27. God had other plans. He naturally allowed me to get pregnant with our son Elijah due on July 26! Praise God for His timing. Praise His Name that He knew what He was doing all along. What a wonderful promise fulfilled. He is faithful to complete what He has started!!! I am proof that at 39 with old ovaries and one tube that HE IS THE ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN. HE says when and where and can breathe ANYTHING into life if it is His Will. Be encouraged ladies, we serve a mighty God🙌
The daily Moms in the Making encouragements and the testimonies were KEY to keep the discouragement away during my journey. I will never stop encouraging women that are going through things that I have gone through. I will not allow my trials and heartaches to go unwasted! Lord use them them for Your Glory! Anything to point back to You and Your Provision!”

Lindsey Doom

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