Naturally Pregnant After Three Miscarriages

pregnant woman posed

In 2016 my husband & were excited to grow our family and begin to try to conceive. We had no signs that there would be any difficulty getting pregnant but we tried for 7 months before conceiving with our first pregnancy. To our shock, we miscarried. We pressed into Jesus to grieve and we rooted ourselves even more firmly in the truth that He is good, He is working all things together for us and He had clearly spoken life would come through my womb.

We continued to try to conceive for another year. With a little medical help, we conceived again a little over a year later. We miscarried again. We pressed into Jesus again. We healed & held onto the goodness of God and surrendered our need to understand why things were happening the way they were. It was hard, but so refining. We conceived again a few months later and then we had our third miscarriage. We were disappointed but this time we were not shaken. We pressed into Jesus in loss and disappointment enough to know that our circumstances don’t determine how we are doing. In Jesus and His presence, He gives us the ability to walk above hard circumstances.

We continued to walk forward confident that He is who He says He is and He would do what he said He would do. Almost another year later, we attended a conference in CA where a well respected prophetic voice who didn’t know us at all prophesied that we would “be fruitful & multiply” and he specifically blessed my womb. Two months later, we got pregnant again. This time, our miracle baby was born 9 months later – Samuel. Jesus broke in and miraculously brought life. We were not doing anything to “try” at that time. It was all Jesus! To Him be the glory!

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