Naturally Pregnant After Receiving Prayer

I have always had irregular periods and knew that it was likely I had fertility problems. When I was dating my husband I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. We started trying for a baby 6 months after we got married. After a year I knew that we would likely need fertility treatment but my BMI meant that I would need to lose weight.

My mother in law agreed to give us money for private treatment but we only had enough for 2 tries. The doctor told us at the clinic that we had a 10-15% chance of it working. The first time it didn’t work even though I had been so hopeful.

During the second cycle I really struggled to remain positive but I had the prayer support from my prayer partner, friends and family. I developed pain during the 2 week wait so I was sure that it hadn’t worked. Four days before I was to get my pregnancy test was Easter Sunday and I felt so despondent. At church the worship leader said there was a barren women who needed prayer. I got prayer and I also got a word that my  resurrection Sunday was coming and I would have my baby.

The next day I was in extreme pain so we went to the clinic. I had a cyst, but they also decided to have me take an early pregnancy test. They phoned that afternoon to tell me I was pregnant! We were both shocked as we hadn’t expected it because of the pain. I had a challenging pregnancy but our daughter Lily Jane was born on the 20th of December.

During my wait, I found Moms in the Making through a video I saw on Facebook that Kris Vallotton shared, and I was so thankful. I signed up for a prayer partner and found the emails so encouraging and uplifting during such a challenging time. Both my prayer partner and I were doing IUI’s at the same time. We both understood what it was like to have fertility problems and be real about what we were struggling with. I also signed up for the Christmas cards before we started treatment. That Christmas before treatment started was particularly hard as I felt a void without a baby. The cards were such an encouragement to me.

This past Christmas was so different as we held our miracle baby but I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness and the support from Moms in the Making along the way.


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