Naturally Pregnant After Miscarriage and Failed Adoption

My husband and I have been trying to grow our family for over 9 years. After five years of trying we finally conceived, only to lose our baby in miscarriage. Two more times we got pregnant, and sadly miscarried. There were theories, but no doctor diagnosis of why we had trouble. It was unexplained.
We grieved and moved on. We decided to adopt. After a few years of paperwork, ups & downs, and a failed adoption; we decided to take a break for a year or two and at this time we felt God moving us from the southeast 4,000 miles away to Alaska.
Here God opened doors for us to get involved in foster care and we became foster parents. We became licensed in January, but after many months with no call, I felt God was up to something. Sure enough, in August I found out I was pregnant again. Through a friend recommendation I found a nurse/midwife who knew something about hormones in pregnancy. It was totally a God-thing, because the friend didn’t know that I had found out that morning that I was pregnant. God worked a miracle and through early intervention and high progesterone dosage prescribed by this midwife, I am 17 weeks and baby and I are doing well.
The journey of infertility and loss has been painful, but God has worked so much good through it. What the enemy meant to destroy us, God has used for good. We are surrendering and trusting in God that He will work all things out for good. I am being restful and thankful for this blessing in the present and thanking Him for everyday I have with this gift.

Joni – Alaska

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