Naturally Pregnant after Miscarriage

“We tried on our own for almost a year and then decided to see a Dr. I had surgery in January, did 4 months of medicated cycles, had a miscarriage, did 2 more months of medicated cycles. I was then referred to the specialist. We met with the doctor and he gave us two options–IUI and IVF. Naturally we wanted to try the IUI first–less invasive and much less expensive. He ran some more tests. And then he called and told us IVF was our only hope. We didn’t know what to think. We were confused and scared.

We scheduled another appointment to go over our concerns regarding IVF. We wanted to make sure the Dr knew and respected our beliefs. We wanted to make sure he would work within our realm of comfort.

But we never made it to that appointment. 2 days before we took a positive pregnancy test. We are pregnant! Naturally! No medicine. No procedure. No anything other than God and His perfect plan. We are overwhelmed. And humbled. Humbled because He reminded us He is in charge. He is writing our story. No doubt that He can use medicine and procedures but none of that would have ever worked if He didn’t allow it. The answer lies with God and His perfect plan–always has and always will.

We are filled with joy. We want to share that joy. And our past experiences, no matter how painful, cannot be allowed to derail our current joy. We hope and we pray for a full-term pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby on the other side of this. But above that, we pray for His will to be done, whatever that may be.

A friend sent me a little quote after we found out that said “I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have today.” We are grateful God saw fit to bless us with this pregnancy. And we will continue to be grateful no matter what comes our way the next 7 months.”

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