Naturally Pregnant After God Spoke to Me Through a Friend

My husband Kevin and I were married in September of 2018. We always knew we wanted to start growing our family right away and didn’t think we would ever have any trouble doing so. We tried to conceive for over 2 1/2 years and were unsuccessful. My husband decided we would seek a doctor for answers and find out why we hadn’t gotten pregnant yet.

One week before his scheduled appointment, I was feeling off and decided to take a pregnancy test, much to our surprise we received a positive pregnancy test. We were overjoyed and couldn’t believe it had finally happened for us, especially right before he was supposed to have his appointment! My husband and I decided that this could only be the work of God and we wanted to fully commit to him so we decided to get baptized together and renew our faith. About 2 weeks after our baptism I was scheduled for our 9 week ultrasound. We were in the room with the ultrasound tech for what felt like forever as she searched on the screen for our baby, then we heard those heartbreaking words “your baby has no heartbeat.”

We were absolutely devastated and didn’t understand why this was happening to us. Fast forward to a few months later I went to my very first Moms in the Making conference in 2019.  While at the conference a dear friend of mine told me that God had spoken to her and gave her two months for me “November & August” we weren’t sure what it meant but I prayed on it. In November of 2019 I was feeling off again and decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. I am so grateful to announce that in July 2020 we welcomed our rainbow baby Elena Mae into our lives.

God is so faithful and we are so blessed. Moms in the making was there for me when I lost my first baby and I received so much support, healing and love that I didn’t even know I needed. I am forever thankful for the amazing women all over the world who helped heal my heart and helped me remember God’s promises.

Kathleen Tibbitts, Surprise, Arizona

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