Naturally Pregnant After God Shut Doors to Treatment

We were first classified as unexplained infertility & tried natural methods, no luck. After 3 years of trying, when we both felt ready to visit with an RE, I prayed hard. As I became more familiar with IVF, I struggled with the ethical questions & whether it was something God wanted me to pursue. I prayed for guidance from the Lord. I didn’t receive an answer. I decided to go ahead, so we visited with the RE & did a couple of test. One of the tests came back as 0 and according to the doctor our best bet was to just do IVF. Our insurance actually covered it in full. Because of my hesitation, he suggested starting out with IUI first. I prayed, Lord please place an obstacle on the way if this is something you don’t want me to pursue. I did not want to do this outside of God’s will and plan for me. The day before I was to start taking Clomid, I got a call from the doctor’s office. Our insurance was no longer covering anything. This was clearly God’s answer to my prayer. Although difficult to accept as I had gotten my hopes up for the treatment, we decided to not continue. This happened in May.
In September, surprise, I learned I was pregnant!! Naturally, not trying & no meds. It’s been a whirlwind since then, as I now have an 8 month old miracle baby.
All glory clearly belongs to God alone. He worked a miracle in His timing & without the need for medical intervention. Who knows what would have happened if I was not obedient to Him in May, would that have caused me extra headache? He has taught me the necessity of prayer and the pursuit of His will above mine. In my most troubled time, I drew closer to the Lord and was blessed with hard life lessons, with beautiful friendships, and a testimony to share with others that clearly shows how God still works miracles.
Moms in the Making was a source of encouragement and support. I found the group late in my journey, but I was glad to have a Christian based group and be able to chat & learn from other ladies around the country. I’m now part of Moms Made!


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