Naturally Pregnant After Canceled Fertility Treatment

My husband and I were trying to conceive and were struggling between doing fertility treatments or not. He said he felt like the treatments were fighting God, but I was SO desperate. We did 1 failed treatment. I made him a promise- ONE more & then we can take a break. So we did one more & halfway through we realized we wouldn’t be able to finish it because I ovulated too early on my own. When we found out, the nurse asked if we even tried. I said just once, because we thought the window wasn’t until later. She said we’d have better luck next time since we were starting to understand how my body was responding to the treatments. But I was DEVASTATED because I knew this was our last try. I felt like I was stuck because I had already promised to just trust the process and have faith after this last attempt. It wasn’t fair! I didn’t get to have my “last one.” BUT I kept my promise and didn’t even try talking my husband into another treatment.
About 2 weeks later I had this overwhelming feeling to test. The song “Just Be Held” came on and it was like God was telling me to LET HIM DO HIS JOB. I took the test and instantly saw two pink lines. Even in my attempt to control the situation I was NEVER in control.
We named our daughter Aurora Rose and she is simply perfect.

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