Naturally Pregnant After a Tetarospermia Diagnosis

My husband and I got married in the fall of 2019 under a beautiful rainbow (God’s promise to us). We decided to try and grow our family in January 2020. Three cycles in, I was pregnant! Sadly, we lost that sweet child around 7.5 weeks. We decided to name her Francis Quinn, which means free and raised by God.

Even with the grief of miscarriage, we didn’t think we would have any trouble conceiving again. After about a year in, we decided to see the doctor. While running all the tests, we would to try a medicated cycle with a trigger shot and timed intercourse. The day before I was to go in for my shot, we found out that my husband had severe tetarospermia, which means they found ZERO healthy sperm cells that could swim correctly. They told us we would have zero chance at natural conception and would need help through IUI at minimum. I immediately thought back to my sweet Francis, and said, we do not accept that! Chances may be small, but they are not zero. God has proven that with our first pregnancy.

We prayed fervently for guidance in what to do. We did not feel peace about jumping into IUI, so we continued trying to conceive naturally. My husband took high doses of vitamins said to increase sperm health, and we prayed for our miracle.

I began to hear “November” from the Lord, and deciphered that it must mean I will be pregnant then. As time passed and we got closer to November, I was discouraged. I began thanking Him for November anyway, despite not knowing what it meant.

I asked God to give me a clear sign like He did with Gideon, and on November 30th, 2021, I heard very clearly during my prayer time, “Tonight is the night.” 11 days later, I had a positive pregnancy test!

Our rainbow pregnancy was not without complications, but we welcomed our baby girl on July 18, 2022. She is healthy and perfect and was conceived naturally despite our diagnosis! God is faithful!

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