Natural Pregnancy After Two Miscarriages

Our journey started 2-3 years ago in early 2016. My husband and I started thinking about having a family and a few months into trying, Nov 2016, I had a chemical pregnancy. It was such a disappointment at the time, but I continued to try and got pregnant a couple of months later. At our 8 week appointment in Feb 2017, we had a harsh experience where the provider blatantly said our dates were off or we were miscarrying, even though I had no signs or symptoms. At 10-11 weeks, we lost our first baby. This experience was heartbreaking and there was so much pain, fear and feelings that my body had failed that I had bundled it up inside.
We saw a fertility doctor who told us he saw nothing wrong; just keep trying. We tested positive again. Around 8 weeks, February 2018, they gently told us we were miscarrying again. I lost it and clung to family and friends, telling a few more people. I was so hurt.
One of my dear friends introduced me to In Due Time which opened my eyes and softened my heart. I also wrote verses on my mirror and found a video about choosing joy daily no matter what. In April, I tested positive again. How would this time go? I delved into the In Due Time devotional, and clung to hope in God’s plan. Our fertility doctor did bi-weekly ultrasounds, where we saw our double rainbow baby’s heart beating at 6 weeks; we saw him grow from a diamond ring to a gummy bear. Milestones were reached as I surpassed my prior pregnancies! In December 2018, we welcomed our baby boy into this world. While we were unsure along the way, God had a journey ahead of us better than one we could dream up. He is faithful to those who trust in Him.

Hannah Harden, Colorado

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