Natural Pregnancy After Two Failed IVF Treatments

Natural Pregnancy After Two Failed IVF Treatments

My husband and I started trying for a baby in September of 2016. After a few months of trying on our own, I got nervous that something was wrong and so we went to a fertility specialist. After three months of clinic, a surgery to remove endometriosis, and five IUIs, we still weren’t pregnant.

We moved on to a round of IVF in January and right before starting the IVF rounds, I discovered In Due Time devotional. The book helped me rediscover my relationship with God and realize I am enough, even in the wait for precious babies. That gift was invaluable. My friends noticed a change too, commenting on how positive I was able to be throughout the journey.

Unfortunately, our first round of IVF failed. We moved to another clinic and completed a second round of IVF in April, which also failed. We took the month of May off to regroup and decided to seriously plan for a round of IVF with donor eggs in the future, but God had other plans.

He blessed us with a natural pregnancy in June, without the use of any medication, and we delivered a healthy baby boy in March of this year. God is so good! 

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