Natural Pregnancy After Miscarriage and Hospital Stay From Fertility Treatments

“My husband and I began trying to conceive shortly after getting married. After a year of trying we decided to see a fertility specialist. That’s when we found out that my body doesn’t ovulate. We started fertility treatment and three months later I was hospitalized. My body began shutting down and my organs were stopping. I was told that I would no longer be able to do fertility treatment as it was unsafe.
My husband and I got pregnant 6 months later. We were so excited. We got our miracle! Three weeks later we lost the baby. We were completely heartbroken. Why did we lose our baby? Why did we get our miracle only to have it taken away?
We prayed, fasted and sought God. We decided to get our bodies healthy and pursue God. 16 months later my husband and I went white water rafting and I got very sick after the trip and thought I may have caught something in the water. My doctor asked me to take a pregnancy test and to our surprise it was positive. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and so excited. God has shown us that he is faithful to his promises!​”

Hannah Mount

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