Natural Pregnancy After Health Journey

“We saw a fertility specialist almost 2 years ago after we had been TTC for a little over a year. I was diagnosed with PCOS and went through 3 test rounds with no luck of pregnancy. I was told that although I ovulate on my own that the medicine I was given to thicken my lining was not getting the job done. The fertility specialist went on to tell me that without her help, more medicine, and a possible IUI, that we’d never get pregnant on our own.
My husband was my complete backbone and reminder that although the fertility specialist gave her opinion, that God was the one who had the last say so. In November 2017, I started a health journey with a simple step of clean eating.
In January 2018, I took the next step by adding working out 5-6 days a week. Thank goodness for a husband to not only stand in the gap when my faith was wavering but also an advocate to get healthy! I lost almost 30 pounds and we are now 3 months pregnant!
I believe with everything in me that we met God in the natural with what we could do and God blew our mind by showing up with the supernatural that only He can provide! If God can do it for us, I’m praying and believing the same for all of you!”

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