Natural Pregnancy After Failed Medication Cycle

My husband and I started trying for a baby in January of 2015. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15 so I knew it could be a little difficult, but I never thought it would take years. After 2 years of “tricks,” not trying, timing, Metformin, lots of prayers, and two babies in heaven, we decided to give Femara a try. We took our first dose in February of 2018, but 2 weeks later we received news that I had not ovulated. I was devastated, however my husband said something I will never forget. He said “Good. Now God can step in and make a miracle.”
2 weeks later I woke up thinking I needed to test. It was POSITIVE! God allowed me to ovulate naturally after a failed cycle. When we went back to the doctor he said “God is a better doctor than me.” What a blessing that even my doctor gave God the praise for this miracle! Our praise baby was born at the end of October this year and he is perfect in every way.
I’m so thankful for the support Moms in the Making has provided throughout our journey. My local support group has been the biggest blessing and I am so glad that I’ve been a part of this wonderful group of ladies!

Deanna Webb

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