Natural Pregnancy After Failed IVF and Low AMH Diagnosis

After a year of trying we started seeing a NaPro doctor. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS and it was suggested that I have surgery. I just knew after my surgery I’d get pregnant. It had been two years of trying and I was slowly accepting the idea that I was now part of the “infertility community.”

That fall I attended my first Moms in the Making conference and met so many wonderful women. I didn’t know what to expect but left with so much hope. I started attending the Dallas Moms in the Making group after that. Each week I left feeling so hopeful and full of peace. I learned how to pray and be present during this difficult time.

Summer 2018 was 1 year post surgery and I still wasn’t pregnant. My husband and I decided to move on to a fertility specialist. We had MORE tests and the doctor determined that I had very low AMH, and at the age of 32, I was devastated. She suggested we move forward with IVF and to not wait any longer due to my low AMH.
We did not have any insurance coverage for IVF but decided to go for it. We had 5 embryos. This was our family we had been praying for! A few days after, we found out that 4 out of our 5 embryos were genetically abnormal. We lost 2 boys and 2 girls. We were devastated. We had 1 frozen baby. Our doctor suggested we do another round to bank more embryos. We had just spent $18K and we had no clue where we’d get the money to do it all again.
We decided to take a break while saving to do it again. I really tried to surrender to the Lord. The song “Do it again” blared in my car most days as I prayed for a breakthrough. Just 3 months later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I had never seen a positive test before. After everything we had gone through, we naturally conceived.
In June 2019, exactly 1 year after IVF, I gave birth to our perfect little girl. God is still in the business of miracles and our girl is proof!

Kasey Ergish

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