Natural Pregnancy After 5 Miscarriages

“Our “Infertility” Journey doesn’t feel like one of infertility. My husband and I started trying for a baby 2.5 years into our marriage. From October 2014-February 2016 (a period of 18 months) we lost five babies and had 2 D&C’s. In the midst of that time I was diagnosed with an MTHFR Gene mutation, as well as a Robertsonian Translocation of my 13th and 15th chromosomes (among other more minor issues). This season of life was HARD. After our 5th loss we decided to really seek the Lord, rest, and then pursue adoption. In July of 2016 (just 5 months after our last D&C) we found out we were expecting. I fought anxiety through the first 15 weeks until we received the genetic test results. Our 6lb 2oz tiny Caroline Jane joined our family 3 weeks early via emergency c-section on February 24th, 2017. (Her delivery is another miracle story in itself.) Her name means “strong” and “Jehovah has been gracious”. I am so thankful for the community of support I had in Moms in the Making throughout our journey to our miracle baby Caroline.”

Rachel Reynolds – Dallas, TX

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