My Prayer Partner and I Had Miracle Babies 7 Days Apart

two baby boys

When I found Moms in the Making, I found what my heart so longed for. Women who were hungry for God, and who were walking this journey I felt so alone in. Everyone was so kind and understanding. In April 2018, I signed up for a prayer partner for the second time. I remember submitting the form for a new prayer partner, and checking off the “Not pregnant, trying a natural approach” box. Just a few days later we found out unexpectedly that we were and naturally pregnant after years of Unexplained Infertility. It was a miracle!

About three days later I got matched with my new prayer partner and I sent her an email to introduce myself. I chose not to tell her I was pregnant in that first email, since we hadn’t confirmed it with a doctor yet. She replied telling me about herself and her journey, and told me they had just found out they were pregnant a few days prior, she even said “if this makes you uncomfortable, I totally understand if you want another prayer partner.” She had no idea of the miracle she was already a part of.

We kept in touch almost daily and we prayed for each other. We encouraged each other. We shared every fear and joy throughout our entire pregnancies. We share a bond like no other. In December 2018 we both welcomed our miracle baby boys 7 days apart! All Honor and Glory to God!! My prayer partner was such an important part of my pregnancy.

Mayela Salinas

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