My Pain Was Exchanged For Joy

Attending the Moms in the Making leader’s retreat in April was a challenge. I was on medical leave and not sure if I could travel; there was a financial component; and I had reoccurring nightmares about attending the retreat before it was even announced. The morning I was traveling with friends to the location, I seriously considered staying behind. I spent part of the drive in tears.

But, I am so thankful I went. Father God met every area of need I had at the retreat—every single one. I was surrounded by a community of dear friends who prayed for me, encouraged me, and held me when I cried. I experienced mental, physical, and emotional healing in many ways.

To back up, in 2018, I had been diagnosed with dairy and egg allergies, as well as connective tissue disease—otherwise unspecified. That is like being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, but for arthritis. My fingers would become stiff, and my knuckles frequently froze in place. As well, my toes would often become dislocated. A month before the retreat, I had failed the dairy ladder, and my attempt to try to eat dairy again had caused a worse flare-up of the connective tissue disease. I was so stressed going to the retreat that just sitting and listening to the teaching my body was in a flare-up and my toes were dislocating.

Father met me during the teachings and set me free from the hurt and the pain I was holding onto. My fear was replaced with joy. I could even take pictures with my sweet friends on the side of a mountain!

I also received prayer for physical healing and have been completely healed of the dairy and egg allergies. I have eaten dairy and eggs almost daily since coming home with no ill effects. My toes no longer become dislocated or my fingers frozen because of the connective tissue disease. When they have tried to, I have spoken to my body and reminded it that it is healed, and the symptoms pass without pain or issue.

Father God is so good! I went to the retreat with so much pain and left with so much joy!

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