My Obedience Led Me to Lead a Moms in the Making Group

I’ve always felt a calling to help others, but about 2 years ago, I felt a pull on my heart to do something more. God was telling me to take steps in faith to lead and teach. I first ignored this prompt because the enemy was attacking me with the “enough” lies; I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not qualified enough, my infertility story wasn’t hard enough, etc.

In my hesitation, I threw the idea out there to my friend, Amanda. She was the leader of the MITM virtual support group I attended. This virtual group was such a blessing in my journey. I told her I wished there was a similar group for Moms Made. After recently given birth to my miracle and was longing for a more connected community in motherhood, I shared my thoughts of creating a group for the ladies that struggled with infertility but are now moms. She liked my idea and agreed there was a need. A few weeks later I got a call from Caroline about my conversation with Amanda. Caroline asked me if I wanted to start and become the Moms Made virtual group leader.

Despite the doubt within myself, I decided to listen and trust God and agreed to become the leader. During that time, I was meditating on Romans 12:2. I wanted to transform my mind of doubt to that of confidence and trust. I then got this same verse as a prophetic card at the 2019 MITM conference! Reflecting back over the past 2 years, I’m so grateful I was obedient! When I started the Moms Made Virtual group, my prayer journal was full of fear, asking the Holy Spirit to invade my heart and mind. God provided the words and strength for me to lead and now I’m able to rest in His truth. My mind has most definitely been renewed!

Moms in the Making has taught me how to abide in God’s Word and trust that what He has for me is good. Becoming a leader has deepened my relationship with God and blessed me with amazing friendships. My faith has been strengthened and my mind has been transformed. Moms in the Making helped me see that everyday is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. I will forever be grateful for this ministry! God is good!

Shauna Stobbs-Bultema

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