My Moms in the Making Prayer Partner is My Best Friend

I first signed up for prayer partners right after I joined Moms in the Making in April 2018. I thought it would be a cool way to get to know other people in Moms in the Making, but I honestly didn’t think it would lead to the types of friendship that it has. It turns out that prayer partners has been one of the biggest blessings in my life since I found Moms in the Making. To have people to support you, and you get to support them too, is a beautiful thing.

At the conference earlier this year 4 of my prayer partners were there and I got to meet all of them in person for the first time! Amber, who lives in Texas, and I were matched to be prayer partners in December 2018. Since then we’ve talked several times per week. Our stories are very similar and having someone who just understands without judgements is priceless. God definitely knew what he was doing when He matched us together! She’s one of my dearest friends now. And in August of 2019 we both became Moms in the Making leaders, with her leading the virtual group and me leading a group in Colorado Springs! Having a community of women, including Amber, who understand the journey I am on is priceless.

Katie Tsiao – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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