My Moms in the Making Group Supported Me Through My Miscarriage and Miracle Baby

Having a family has always been a dream of mine from the time I was young, so you can imagine my hurt when the doctor tells us our best chance at a family is through IVF after many failed other procedures. We were given good odds, though, so we had to try.

The true trials began and my body didn’t react how they expected to the meds and we were told we may have to cancel and try again another month, but we didn’t have the funds for that. We went home that weekend, cried a lot and prayed like the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea and God moved and made a way and we were set for retrieval. By the end of the process that was supposed to be in our favor, we were left with one embryo. We were crushed and confused but our prayers all along had been that God would give us just enough embryos for our family. We went to transfer our precious embryo only to have our doctor quit two weeks before our frozen transfer, but again, God provided a new doctor and we were off!

I told my husband to hide all of the pregnancy tests, but he forgot the ones at the stores and I “stumbled” upon them and started taking tests to see if our precious embryo had stuck around and it did! I’d never seen two pink lines before and the joy that I felt was overwhelming. Until, the lines started fading and I knew this precious soul was not meant for this world. Moms in the Making was a huge support for me through all of this.

After some time of healing and prayers, we got into a new clinic that listened to our concerns and was half the cost, with a payment plan and tailored IVF to our needs. We invited our friends on our second IVF journey and kept them posted every step of the way so they could pray for us specifically and what a difference it made! The support and love we received was amazing! God blessed us with all six of our embryos making it to the freeze and our daughter was born from that fresh transfer!

My Moms in the Making group was beside me the whole time, praying for me every step of the way. They cried with me when things didn’t work out and they celebrated with me when God said, “YES”! His hand was truly on every step of our journey.

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