My Moms in the Making Group and Support Team Helped Heal My Heart

We started trying to conceive right after getting married. After 6 months of no success we started looking into fertility issues. At my first doctors appointment I took a pre-procedure pregnancy test to find out that not only was I pregnant but I was miscarrying as well. This was the first of several losses that I would walk through.

Most recently I found out that we had conceived Mother’s Day weekend earlier this year. What started out as a great joy and blessing ended 6 weeks later in another loss. I shared this with my MITM group leader who was a solid presence as I walked through the grief. This was the first time I had someone other than my husband to support me through the process. This took some of the pressure off him to be strong for me, allowing him to grieve as well.

Then the cards started coming. I was not aware of the MITM support group. I did not know that I would be inundated with cards filled with kindness and prayers from stranger who were now my friends through the bond of shared loss. At first the cards were not welcome. Each one was a reminder of what I lost and brought up the hurt I was trying so desperately not to feel. But now several months later as I look at the cards again my heart is overwhelmed by the kindness of this act. This time as I read them, I see the hand of God in every word written. I see hope instead of hurt. I see how being surrounded by an army of women has brought healing to my heart through one of the most devastating times in my life. And it’s brought me through with joy and hope and even more faith in God‘s promises. We weren’t called to be alone, we are designed for relationship.

My MITM group and the support team played a huge roll in the healing of my heart through this recent loss. Through the kind words of others and the constant reminder of my identity in Christ, not my circumstances, I was able to walk through a difficult time surrounded by faith. I’m so thankful for my MITM group leader, Melissa, who checked in on me and spoke truth over my life, constantly reminding me who I am as a daughter of the most high God!

Jacque Deck – Springfield, Missouri
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