My Moms in the Making Family Supported Me Through Infertility

My husband and I started trying to grow our family in October of 2019, expecting to become pregnant quickly, just like all other women in my family. That did not happen. We were about a year in when I was introduced to Moms in the Making in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The group lifted such a weight off of me, finally being around people who understood what I was going through.

Fast forward to February 2022, I was the secretary at my church, and they partake in a women’s conference every year held at a resort in Elkhart Lake, WI. I decided to attend by myself. That entire weekend was so faith-filled. I ended up being roomed with a woman from my church who was an adoptive mother and her friend who was a foster parent for many, many years, eventually adopting a special needs boy after having 4 biological children. At the end of the weekend, in front of 100+ women, I shared my journey and how thankful to God I was for being placed with my roommates, who showed me that being a mother could happen in more than one way. The entire conference prayed with me, and after sharing, I had so many people come up and pray with me individually. I went home feeling refreshed, and my fire for Christ was reinvigorated.

A month later, on March 16, 2022, I had my first-ever positive pregnancy test. My miracle baby, Jane Alexis, is now 15 months old. God continues to show up in our lives. Jane, who was 6 weeks early due to preeclampsia, had a month-long NICU stay, oral aversions that required feeding tubes, tongue tie revisions, intensive speech therapy, and visits to GI because of awful reflux, has gone through so much in her short life but is the happiest little girl.

I nearly gave up hope, but God wasn’t done. I am so thankful that he entrusted me with the best little girl. My Moms in the Making family has been supportive throughout my journey, and now I’m in Moms Made! This ministry is so important, and I am proud to be a part of it.

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