My Miracle Baby Also Healed My Heart

August 20, 2019

In September 2016, my husband and I started trying to begin our family. As months went by, the negative pregnancy tests started piling up and I began to feel bitter, resentful, and envious of what I didn’t yet have.
A lot changed for me in November 2017, when I found Moms in the Making. Reading In Due Time being a part of Moms in the Making and watching Caroline’s daily Instagram videos truly helped me through some hard days. I came for the infertility community but I stayed for how the group helped refocus my mind on Jesus in the midst of the storm. My faith has grown so much through our pursuit of a family and Moms in the Making played a large role in that. I am forever grateful.
During our journey, we went through multiple rounds of Clomid and surgery for endometriosis. Immediately after surgery, our RE wanted us to move to IVF. We weren’t quite ready so we sought a second opinion. During that meeting, I asked so many questions related to what I could do to increase our chances. Our new RE responded by saying, “this is my job, let me take care of it”.
It was like God was speaking through him, and I realized I needed to stop trying to control everything and instead let God handle it. Our specialist suggested we try Femara. After 2 cycles we finally received a positive pregnancy test! Our dreams came true in April when we welcomed our daughter into the world.
During the thick of our struggle, I never thought it would be possible for the pain I held inside to ever go away, but the second she was born, my heart was fully healed. Seeing her precious face and holding her in my arms was all I needed to understand that she was completely worth every second of our journey, every low point, every tear (and so much more). I can now see that God’s plan was so much greater than my own. Our little miracle proves that.

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