My Husband Went From Depressed and Anxious to Filled With Joy

My husband went from depressed and anxious to filled with joy - moms in the making

When I came to the 2019 conference, my heart was heavy with grief for my husband. He was battling anxiety and depression. It was so hard to watch him go through panic attacks and intense bouts of self-hatred. My heart was in pieces over it.

One of the intercessors at the end of the conference said that I would go back home and be a bringer of light that would overwhelm darkness and fill our home. She prayed that my husband would catch the light, and be changed. I wept at her words because I felt so seen by the Father. She encouraged me to continue to find joy in the Word of God, and to just let that joy spill out onto my husband. I hadn’t even told her what was going on with him, but the Holy Spirit gave her a word and she knew just what to say. And sure enough, God went before me and he defeated anxiety and depression in my husband!!!

Over the following two years, I saw him be filled with joy. I saw him laugh without reserve. He started to be silly with me again, and our marriage had new passion and spark. He stopped having thoughts of self harm. I haven’t seen him have a panic attack since. And the best part: I have seen his love for Jesus growing deeper all the time. I am so thankful that God healed my husband. It has completely changed our lives, and positively impacted our wait for our children. Praise God! Moms in the Making was instrumental in encouraging me to believe that healing was possible for my husband and I am forever grateful for this ministry, and the intercessor who spoke this word over us.

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