My Husband Returned to the Lord

Seven years ago, my husband walked away from God. It was a gradual slope for a couple of years until, one day, he decided he was done. There was so much anger, sadness, and church hurt. The final nail in the coffin was our fertility diagnosis.

For 7 years, I prayed. I pleaded. I cried. I tried to force things. Finally, God told me one day that my husband was His, and I needed to let him go and take care of myself. I was going to church alone (those were always fun conversations when you met new people). I was doing Bible studies alone. It was incredibly hard. All I could do was love him. I couldn’t fix him, and God constantly reminded me that it wasn’t my job. He simply said, “Watch Me”. And let me tell you, it was amazing to see.

God kept placing His servants, who were faithful ministers to him, in my husband’s path. Slowly, they began to reach his heart, and I saw his heart change.

And this month, on our 12th wedding anniversary, he was baptized at our church home. God said, “Watch Me,” I am in awe of what He’s done and will continue to do.

Don’t give up if you’re praying for your husband to know God or return to God. Keep pursuing. Keep loving. God has him and will bring him home.

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