My Husband Returned to the Lord

My husband and I began our journey 7 years ago. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and have had 3 unsuccessful treatments. We felt completely defeated and gutted each time. We felt it was time to change course.

A functional fertility doctor in Missouri was suggested to us and one day she posted about Moms in the Making. I did some research and joined a local group. This group saved my heart. I no longer felt alone, and it felt so amazing to be heard and understood. Then I decided to attend conference. I had no idea what to expect but God met me, the Holy Spirit wrecked me, my heart was transformed, and my hope was renewed.

One thing God showed me me at the Moms in the Making conference was that I needed to let go and just be with Him. I had been holding on so tightly to everything in the hopes that I could manipulate the situation to get our babies to us. It was time to release everything to God. He reminded me that he was shifting my perspective. This new perspective says even though we are still waiting, our lives have been so full of God’s grace and blessings, more than we could have ever asked or imagined.

Not only did my narrative began to change but so did my husband’s. God told me a long time ago that our infertility journey wasn’t about me, it was about my husband too. My heart, while broken, was ready for all the blessings God has for us but my husband, Adam, was not. I kept thinking that a baby would fix him, but I know now that was not the case. After our last treatment, Adam asked me why we didn’t ask God before we pursued IVF. My husband, who had been angry and bitter for so long, asked why we didn’t turn to God for guidance.

After 7 years, God fulfilled His promise that Adam would return to Him. We are now attending church together for the first time in over 7 years. Our journey isn’t always about the journey to parenthood, it’s about finding God, leaning into Him, and trusting Him with the promises He has for us.

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