Moms in the Making Virtual Prayer Encouraged Me!

After following @momsinthemaking on Instagram for a few months I had seen a prompt for prayer requests. I vividly remember I was home alone, crying on the couch, and feeling so alone and so scared. I sent a message on Facebook — I still have the exchange.

In this message, I explained that we, like many, were on a multi-year journey that had cost us more tears and money than I could have imagined. Our second round of IVF was successful and we were 14 weeks along. The catch, I had been diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma which lead to some terrifying bleeds. 3 so far. The current one had been going on a week and I was just beside myself scared. To get this far …. only to be reminded that there are no guarantees.

I asked for prayers for faith and courage and healing. I received a response super fast. It was a short and powerful prayer. Right there. On the spot. It made me cry even harder and it prompted me to open my Bible. Mark 5:21-43 (A Girl Restored and A Woman Healed) is still marked up and dated 4/2/18, the same day I asked Moms in the Making for prayer. My note says, ‘I love that these two people and stories intersect.

Today I pray for Jesus to stop my bleeding and dissolve this subchorionic hematoma so that my baby girl can continue to grow and live fully by God’s grace. I chose to receive the prayer they prayed over me. I chose to receive God’s healing and fully believe. Thank you God for showing up for me and my miracle today – just as you did for those before us. God was so present with me that night. He gave me faith and courage. I needed Him desperately and He showed up … through both Moms in the Making and through His word. I am still so grateful. It was a hard road but He walked it with me.

Sara Dunn

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