Moms in the Making Support Team Helped My Healing Process

watercolor of Jesus holding a childAt the beginning of May I noticed I was not feeling my best but ignored the symptoms because it was my husband’s birthday and I needed to put together a party. The day after his birthday, the abdominal pain was much worse and by the afternoon increased to the point that I passed out at home. I was rushed to the hospital and although I had an IUD in place for 3 years, I was extremely surprised to find out I was pregnant. Due to the excessive blood in my abdomen, it was assumed the pregnancy was ectopic, but during emergency surgery, it was determined I had a luteum cyst, causing the bleeding. After surgery, we were told to assume we were pregnant but due to it being early in pregnancy, we would need to wait a week to confirm.

I was completely unprepared for what the week after surgery would contain, both physically and emotionally. I was trying to process all the emotions while recovering from surgery and continuing to mother my 5 and 3 year. It turns out I had lost the pregnancy.

During this week, I began receiving cards, boxes, and gifts of thoughtfulness from the Moms in the Making Support Team. At first, I was caught off guard and didn’t believe I needed the support. I was completely wrong. As an ICU nurse, I have helped so many through difficult times and knew I was in the same spot and would recite the same words to myself but didn’t feel the comfort. I read Psalm 34:18 many times, but didn’t feel it spoke much because I felt God’s presence the entire time.

One of the cards I received had Job 37:5, which says, “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.” I cried as soon as I read. I had been struggling with the reasons I had lost the pregnancy and why this happened, but reading the Word of God changed my heart that day. I suddenly felt comfort in knowing God speaks in marvelous ways we can’t understand. I did not know this verse before this day but because of the cards I received, I was shown this verse which moved me forward in my healing process. I will never forget the life that lived in me for such a short time and am thankful that I have received healing and been able to be a present mother for my two kids, all with a grateful heart.

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