Moms in the Making Led to So Much Breakthrough

Being a part of Moms in the Making has led to so much breakthrough in my life. I spent years believing lies about myself, who God is and what He’s able to do. Up until the 2021 conference, I was convinced that I would live with fear and anxiety/panic attacks for the rest of my life.

I experienced such a breakthrough at that conference and God confirmed that He wanted me to be at peace. Being part of Moms in the Making helped me surrender all my plans to the Lord and step into His peace (John 14:27 – not like the world gives) which helped me follow His direction to try fertility treatments and trust His timing. A year later at the 2022 conference, it felt great to rest in the joy of deliverance in this area which builds my faith that God will provide in many other areas of my life as well.

My husband and I are still waiting for our miracle, but our marriage is better than ever and I feel so grateful to be part of this hope-filled ministry and a community that stands on God’s Word and the hope that He will fulfill His promises.

I now know that God doesn’t cause infertility and has only good gifts for His children (even better than what our earthly parents could give). Also, that His word is final. If it’s not good, He’s not finished.

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