Moms in the Making Infertility Support Completely Changed My Life

I found Moms in the Making while seeking support from a secular infertility group – and I am so glad that God took what the enemy meant for evil and turned it for good! My attitude was so uplifted, and I began to seek God more actively during my wait. As part of this, I started to listen to A Cup Full of Hope podcast. This podcast, in combination with the positive and biblical truths I was getting from Moms in the Making, completely changed my life.

My relationship with Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit will never be the same. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and have since grown in intimacy with my Father in a way I never knew possible. I joined the Moms in the Making virtual group, and decided to attend conference. God had so much in store for me at conference! I received prophetic words *for me* which brought me to tears.

At the conference we were encouraged to ask God for a new name. Two women shared matching visions they received about me, in further confirmation of my new knowledge that my spiritual name is “Honey.” They both had beautiful and profound biblical interpretations of what that meant for me as a daughter. One of those interpretations was the sharing of the healing properties that honey possesses. Since conference, Spirit has done a mighty work in me to bring healing over those closest to me. Seeing Spirit move in such a mighty way so close to me has brought inextinguishable joy to my heart. Christ’s victory over death is THE VICTORY and he has won for us so much more than salvation! His death gives us life to the full – today!

I can’t wait to see how God will continue to move! Moms in the Making provided me with a group of Christian women who understand the journey. And these women don’t wallow in sadness, we actively thank God for his good gifts, we praise him, and we believe for his promises together. We speak life, we speak healing, and we are trusting that what He says He will do. It is different than anything I’ve experienced, and I hope the truth of God’s love spreads like wildfire through his daughters. I am so thankful for Moms in the Making, and for the friends I have made as part of this group.

Brooke Simkins – Chicago, Illinois

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