Moms in the Making Has Made a Big Impact

Moms in the Making infertility support has made a big impact

I first heard about Moms in the Making from Brooke Simkins, a friend and fellow improviser. When I heard about it, I had her on my podcast to talk about it. In hearing the change, the power of the Holy Spirit in her, I knew this organization was truly a God-led ministry and I wanted my wife, Bobbie, to be involved. We’ve been on our journey to parenthood a lot longer than we’d like, and I knew having the support of Moms in the Making would be helpful…I just didn’t know how much!

Additionally, my bride and I came from Illinois to the 2021 conference last fall. The conference was amazing and Bobbie, myself, and our marriage was so blessed by the worship, outpouring, support, and encouragement this weekend brought. It was an honor and a blessing to serve behind the scenes; one I would love to see more of the husbands afford themselves and their marriages. In this spiritual and physical battle, I know it was a great investment in our marriage for me to “have skin in the game” and support this amazing weekend.

To this day, we don’t have our miracle baby…YET…but this group has birthed something else. Our marriage is stronger, more full of love and grace and mercy than it ever has. We are growing our family in love and the things of God as we wait for God to bless us with a new generation. Our marriage is more complete now than ever, and we know that God has us. Moms in the Making has made a wonderful impact on our relationship and I am forever grateful.

I can’t wait to share a new testimony when that new generation arrives!!!

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