Moms in the Making Has Blessed Me Beyond Measure

I always wanted a big family, I just didn’t know 9 of my babies would be in heaven before I got to see them. I struggled with and am still working through countless rounds of IVF, surgeries, 9 embryo losses, 2 early miscarriages and I was doing it all alone. Until I came across my Moms in the Making leader Brooke in a Facebook infertility group. A group where not much positivity is shared but she posted about MITM and I knew that is where He wanted me to be.

I never could have imagined what I was going to walk through, and what I was going to learn and all the support I was going to receive that I didn’t even know I needed. My group prays for me, checks in on me, and God helped them to guide me to learn and read His promises in the Bible and help me allow the Father to heal the heartache inside me. I was broken and alone, and now I stand tall with still no miracle but more faith in God than I’ve ever had. I now know that He will keep his promise to me, even in the hurt, and disappointment in every failed cycle, every failed transfer, every miscarriage I know that God is the King, He is love, and His mercy endures forever. So I will praise him while I wait, and thank him for leading me to the God-fearing, God-loving group that is Moms in the Making. I knew my in person group was a blessing but after conference, I know the entire ministry is a blessing beyond measure.

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