Moms in the Making Deepened My Relationship with Father God

I had the great opportunity to attend the 2018 Moms in the Making Conference. It was incredible, BEYOND my expectations! Jessica Colwell shared that she felt the earth move and saw all of us with a candle lit up inside and glitter everywhere, that’s exactly how it was and the earth DID move! I worshiped like I’ve never worshiped before. I felt something strong break off of my life that I had been holding on to for so long.

Jessica Satterfield’s talk moved me in one of the deepest ways. I had been asking God to show Himself to me and to help me feel Him and He did. In that moment when she guided us through the Garden of our Heart, I saw my garden, MY fruitful tree and I saw Jesus standing next to it telling me to come to Him. Holy Spirit spoke to my heart while we were there but I was a little too timid to speak, I want to share now.
We are ALL miracles. I know I was my mother’s miracle and I am God’s miracle because I am His child and He chose me. He chose all of us! AND from miracles, miracles happen. We know that the word says, that He tells us, commands us, go forth, be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). So that’s what we are, we ARE fruitful and we WILL multiply. My reminder: Miracles COME from Miracles and I AM A MIRACLE.
Moms in the Making has been one of the strongest most powerful groups in my life which has allowed me to be vulnerable and ask questions while I deepen my relationship with our Father. My amazing sisters in our New Orleans group, including my amazing leader, Amy Sugar, have poured so much wisdom, understanding, love and support in me as I grow deeper and begin to understand the Word more.
I cannot see myself without this group even when #ImNext, because it is so much more than this fertility journey, it is about the heart of our Father. The love that we all share with each other, the community that we build together in the hardest and most joyous times in our lives. 

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