The Moms in the Making Conference Was Life Changing

baby wrapped in swaddle

A year and a half ago I attended a life changing women’s conference in Dallas, Texas, hosted by the faith-based fertility support group Moms In The Making. I’d come across the group through social media, and had been participating in their online forums, gift & card exchanges, for a year when they held their first conference. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first year, but Beau made it a point to make sure I was present the following year no matter the sacrifices it would take to get us there.

⁣The conference came as I was in the thick of it with depression and it was truly a turning point in my relationship with God and how I viewed infertility and myself. The conference allowed me to fight my way back from that low place, reconnect with my faith, and move forward with hope no matter what the future would hold. It changed how I approached worship & prayer, introduced me to worship through music, and changed how I thought about infertility. I finally realized that no longer was God punishing me. It also gave me the confidence to try a cycle of IVF after healing my relationship with Heavenly Father. Even though it was a roller coaster to get to that cycle it led to our precious miracle.

At the conference each woman was given a swag bag that included a gift of faith; this swaddle blanket with a verse from Isaiah. As of this week I am officially a Mom Made. Words I thought would NEVER be a part of my vocabulary. And today I got to wrap my miracle in that swaddle blanket, and read that verse with new eyes. His promises never fail! ⁣”I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.⁣ Isaiah 46:4

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