Moms in the Making Conference Helped Me Celebrate My Pregnancy

I was hesitant to go to the Moms in the Making conference because I am 24 weeks pregnant and wasn’t sure it would be beneficial but I was wrong! Even though I am pregnant this conference was still so powerful. I had several ladies tell me how encouraging it was to see me there because my story of pregnancy gave them hope. I am thankful that Moms in the Making celebrates every woman and I love that this conference will truly bless anyone in the wait, no matter what stage of this journey they are in.

The conference was a refreshing weekend with God working on me right where I was in my journey! God revealed to me during the conference that I have a fear of losing this pregnancy. My last pregnancy ended with the removal of my right fallopian tube and after that we tried for another 3 years and I didn’t realize the fear I had from that coming into this pregnancy. But while I was at the conference I was able to uproot that lie. I realize it came from an experience that was true, but the fear I had taking hold of was a lie. Since the conference I now truly feel like I can enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest!

Mary Fish – North Carolina

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